Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Maintaining Distance, 2011. Plastic, paint, epoxy, metal, Plexiglas, and found objects. 61 x 71 x 24 in.

Cristina Lei Rodriguez

New York

Team Gallery

Miami-based Cristina Lei Rodriguez makes sculptures that look like they have survived a terrible bombing—purses are crushed, and necklaces, pins, and fabrics are strewn like debris in small heaps of glittering trash. It’s impossible to tell whether the materials are valuable, but clearly a particular point is being made: the haphazard detritus and gaudy jewelry cast a long shadow on the supposed pleasures of the good life, which are increasingly questioned in our roiling society. Rodriguez comments by re-imagining the glowing stuff of privilege as the basis for raw and funky sculpture, most often supported by painted wooden pedestals. Sometimes the work looks like a nod to veteran sculptor John Chamberlain, but the scale is smaller and the implications private to the point of intimacy. …see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.