Maker, 2015. Performance and installation with clay, rope, hair, concrete, Styrofoam, wood, copper, fabric, apprentice (Tim Coleman, and artist, 144 x 84 x 96 in.

Corporeal Transitions: A Conversation with Doug Jeck

Seattle-based sculptor and University of Washington associate professor Doug Jeck has been bridging ceramics, photography, and performance for more than a decade. His work, influenced by static physicality and historicity, maintains the human object at its center. His life-like sculptures–amalgamations of clay, hair, concrete, fur, and wood–take on various historical periods and iconic works of art. In 2014, Jeck began to immerse himself literally in his work, exploring the human condition as theater, how sculpture differs from likeness, and what the present shares with death. Jeck has received awards and grants from the Illinois Arts Council, two National Endowment for the Arts Visual Arts Fellowships, a Virginia A. Groot Foundation Award, and an NEA travel grant to La Napoule Foundation in France. His work is in numerous private and public collections, including the Johnson Wax Collection, the Los Angeles County Museum, the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery, the Mint Museum, the Tacoma Art Museum, the Seattle Art Museum, and the Gardiner Museum of Art. …see the entire article in the print version of July/August’s Sculpture magazine.