Cerebral Caverns, 2011. Wood, glass. and 30 plaster heads, 97 x 100 x 60 in.

Connecting Rhythms: A Conversation with Radcliffe Bailey

A sculptor of emotional intensity and formal experimentation, Radcliffe Bailey has been a leading artistic voice in the exploration of African American racial identity for more than 20 years. His largest exhibition to date, “Memory as Medicine,” which is on view at the McNay Art Museum in San Antonio from June 6 through September 12, brings together 25 new and early works, ranging from intimate drawings to large-scale, mixed-media installations that reach into the depths of memory, struggle, and sacrifice. Drawing on family histories and experiences, as well as iconographic and aesthetic practices rooted in classical African sculpture, Bailey’s work charts a deeply personal journey of understanding that moves outward from his own cultural heritage and identity to explore how communities (and individuals) create cultures for themselves…see the entire article in the print version of June’s Sculpture magazine.