Christian Benefiel, Factions of People Certain of what they Believe to be Oppression, 2017.

Christian Benefiel

Washington, DC

Flashpoint Gallery

In Christian Benefiel’s recent exhibition, three large sculptures filled a small, elongated space. Each work, created of interwoven pieces of wood, was held together through the strength of the intricate connections linking its individual parts. Benefiel sees his constructions as a physical means of addressing the interactions of singular elements in complex systems, whether social systems ( societies and governments) or biological ones (organisms both simple and complex). On the outside, looking in, to a hole greeted visitors as they walked into the gallery. Made from found scraps of wood – primarily picture frames and easels – the sculpture looked like an enormous bird nest set on its side, with a hole cutting all the way through. …see the entire review in the print version of sept’s Sculpture magazine.