Sheep’s Milk and the Cosmos (for Elizabeth Rawlings Hogan), 1999. Beeswax, pigments, muslin-mounted panels, stone, and wood, wall: 62 x 62 in.; table: 15.5 x 71.75 x 14 in.

Charting Time and Space: Michelle Stuart

In a quiet corner of Michelle Stuart’s SoHo studio, a sculpted Buddha presides over a Wunderkammer of curiosities. Pre-Columbian sculptures, African ceremonial beads, a seaman’s log, rocks, and odd pods comfortably cohabitate with other exotic oddities. Like Stuart’s Specimens (1968–ongoing) —stacked wooden boxes stocked with bottles of earth samples from Peru to the Sahara—the room elicits precious clues to life’s infinitely grand scheme from infinitesimally small nuggets... see the entire article in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.