Book Reviews

Eclectic Autonomy

John Van Alstine: Sculpture 1971–2018, heavy and beautiful as a coffee table book, is much more than that. It is a tribute to John Van Alstine’s long career, spanning decades of work in which his sculptures have interpreted urban and pastoral influences, with a nod to the massive undertakings of Land artists such as Robert Smithson and Michael Heizer.

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Medals of Honor

Sculpture portable enough to fit in the palm of your hand, inside a pocket, or tucked into a wallet can also be invested with enough narrative power to tell an epic story. The newly published catalogue, The Scher Collection of Commemorative Medals, proves that sculpture the size of a silver dollar can assume the presence of something monumental.

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A Large-Scale Homage

Robert Murray says that after he arrived in New York as a young man in 1960, “I forgot to go home.” It’s a good thing he didn’t return to his native Saskatoon, for he would likely not have begun to produce the sculptures for which he is now forever known.

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