George Sherwood, Memory of Water, 2014. Stainless steel, 78 x 78 x 78 in.

George Sherwood

Boothbay, Maine

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

With roots in Russian Construc­tivism—Naum Gabo, Anton Pevsner, and László Moholy-Nagy—kinetic art has developed its own idiosyncratic brand over the years. Among its best-known practitioners is George Rickey, who spurred an entire movement in the U.S. Rickey was something of a mentor for George Sherwood, who has continued to evolve and experiment with the language behind Rickey’s playful kinetic works. Compared to Rickey’s maximal approach, Sherwood’s sculptures are minimal in how they respond to the time of year and their surroundings. His approach follows a kind of bio-dynamism, very sophisticated in terms of its “actions” and tooling, but almost primitive in its simple exchange with the elements. …see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.