Census, 2008. Ceramic tile, pavers, and earth, 7-acre site. Aerial view and 2 details of work at the Federal Census Bureau Building, Suitland, MD.

Between Earth and Sky: Anita Glesta

One could say that the history of humankind has unfolded between earth and sky, because sitting, standing, lying down—moving or static—the human body takes up space; it informs and activates any environment, physically as well as socially and spiritually. The quality of that experience, how it functions, and the story behind it are of primary concern in Anita Glesta’s work. She is interested in the scale of the human body in relation to both natural and cultural landscapes, the need for intimacy and the land, and the notion that a public presence of human form denotes community, serving as temporal continuity and the source of storytelling. Her projects presuppose that such proto-narratives can inspire viewers to interact with issues of authenticity, awareness, denial, and, ultimately, integrity. For Glesta, “being human in the landscape” and the body’s rhythm on any path it might follow initiate a need to establish interactions with provocational environments. …see the entire article in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.