Animals Always, 2006. Formed and fabricated Corten steel, 40 x 130 x 12 ft. Work installed at the St. Louis zoo, MO.

Baroque Paradoxes: A Conversation with Albert Paley

Albert Paley’s monumental forms offer a metaphorical resolution to a dilemma first posed by the Industrial Revolution, when it disempowered the human (and human labor) by elevating machines. Today, that revolution has, of course, gone further, morphing into an electronic juggernaut with even greater capacity to dehumanize by reducing us to mere dots in cyberspace. Paley’s magical style somehow integrates nature, humanity, science, and industrial materials into empathic forms with all the fluidity, asymmetry, and surprise gestures of bodies in motion…see the entire article in the print version of July/August’s Sculpture magazine.