Barbara King, The Ribbon Spiral, 2016, Arches paper, 5 x 21 ft.

Barbara King

New York

Narthex Gallery, St. Peter’s Church

Barbara King’s recent exhibition, “Ribbon Meditations,” was shown in the narthex of St. Peter’s Church in Midtown Manhattan. For over 50 years, the church, which is committed to creatively shaping the life of the city and its community, has served immigrants, the homeless— people of every race, ethnicity, and language, at every economic level, and at every point of the gender spectrum. The arts play a vital part in living out this mission. The church commissions and installs permanent and temporary art, using it to spark public conversation and dialogue. An intersection of American culture, politics, and spirituality, “Ribbon Meditations” fit squarely within the mission of the church, and it felt particularly appropriate during the contentious 2016 election cycle. The original idea for the works came from the yellow, ribbon-shaped magnets that appeared on the back fenders of cars in support of U.S. troops during the Iraq invasion…see the entire review in the print version of April’s Sculpture magazine.