B. Amore, Stone Calligraphies, 2010. Marble slab, saw beds, bronzed gloves, saw blades, and glass block, 14 x 4.5 x 19ft

B. Amore


Boston Sculptors Gallery

B. Amore’s recent work marks a departure, using new materials to achieve new insights. At the same time, it relates strongly to her previous sculpture, connecting with and recycling the past. In both small and monumental works, Amore always capture the human voice, a trace of use or habitation.

Landscape of the Soul, a slab of marble on weathered iron legs, features a small photograph in a rusty frame on black-printed drapery, the encrusted circle perhaps suggesting a halo for the departed. Twin Gloves, two bronzed gloves framed by golden compressed paper, introduces Amore’s dominant theme: found objects collected over the years that still retain the life of their former owners. The gloves have an almost iconic character, combining artifacts of the present with a material suggesting eternity. Stepping Stones, a large wall relief, is constructed of marble on an embossed tin background. Calligraphic markings and portrait photographs on squares of silk animate…see the entire review in the print version of July/August’s magazine.