Augusto Zanela, Luzazul, 2004/2016. Paint, mirror, and LED-programmed illumination

Augusto Zanela

Buenos Aires

Centro Cultural Recoleta

In “The First Day,” Augusto Zanela— an architect, photographer, and teacher—highlights some of the concerns that have driven his work since 1996, when he began investigating the processes of image formation as applied to photography, video, and installation. He is particularly interested in optical tricks and structures created in the viewer’s space—both physical and mental. Following a rigorous plan, his recent exhibition of three installations established a dialogue across words, colors, and forms through the effects of light. S / T (the first day) is a site-specific piece that questions the mystery of creation. The repetition of the same pattern (the neon lights) on the ceiling establishes a game with the mirror that stands behind viewers when they enter the room…see the entire review in the print version of November’s Sculpture magazine.