Athena Tacha, Sealed Memories (to E.H.J. ), 1999. View of installation.

Athena Tacha

Gainesville, FL

University Gallery, University of Florida

Athena Tacha’s Sealed Memories (to E.H.J.) was a site-specific installation that filled the entire gallery space of the University Gallery at the University of Florida. Viewers entered the darkened gallery and progressed towards the dimly lit portal of a large enclosed structure, which formed an uncommon maze through which they slowly walked. After traversing the opening and subsequent corridor, visitors entered the heart of Tacha’s installation, a rectangular white space filled with brilliant light comparable to a white cave or hollowed-out iceberg… Subscribe to Sculpture Magazine to read this review in full.

Athena Tacha, Sealed Memories (to E.H.J.), 1999. View of installation.