Ana Laura Cantera, No eres perenne, 2013. Biodegradable plastic, microbial cells, plants, and micro-controllers, dimensions variable.

“Art and Sustainability IV: Metaphors to Embrace the World”

Buenos Aires

Praxis International Art Gallery

“Art and Sustainability IV” curator Rodrigo Alonso selected his six artists based on their ability to create “metaphors to embrace the world.” The exhibition’s subtitle is extremely important, because as Alonso explains, “Unlike other professional spheres, such as architecture or design, art cannot easily contribute to the actual material transformation of the planet. Nonetheless, if any one thing can be claimed as appropriate for it throughout history, it is the possibility to stimulate thought and reflection on the great problems of humanity. Artists, as shrewd and analytical witnesses of their time, have never ignored these themes, but rather have tackled them, and tackle them still, through their specific tools: symbolism, metaphor, marking and signaling, poetry.” Joaquín Fargas, an industrial engineer oriented toward technological art, presented Don Quijote contra el cambio climático, a series of windmill-inspired sculptures designed to power a cooling system placed over the surface of Argentine Antarctica… see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine