Antoni Tápies, installation view of “Tápies: From within,” 2015.

Antoni Tàpies


Perez Art Museum Miami

Tàpies: From Within,” the first major survey of Antoni Tàpies’s work since his death in 2012, featured 50 paintings, drawings, and three-dimensional pieces chosen from the artist’s own collection and from the Fundació Antoni Tàpies in Barcelona. The exhibition began with oil paintings from 1945, from the start of Tàpies’s career. Collage elements in Fils sobre cartó (Threads on Card­board) and Collage del papel de plata (Collage of Silver Paper), both from 1946, demonstrate his interest in building out or on flat canvas—a technique that would develop over time into a hallmark, particularly with the addition of dirt and stones. At times, the moody, dramatic canvases lining the walls had the effect of focusing attention on the select pieces of sculpture. Nus marró (1964), a brown knot, resembled a knotted, greasy rag that one might find discarded on the floor of an auto shop. Suspended in the air from a transparent line, it cast a mesmerizing shadow and felt quite austere among the richly colored paintings. …see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.