Anne Lilly, Eleven Miles Above Virgin, Utah, 2010. Stainless steel, 19 x 19 x 19 in.

Anne Lilly

New York

Galerie Swanstroem

Anne Lilly, a sculptor from Boston, recently put on a terrific show of tabletop kinetic works set in motion by hand. Created to necessarily exacting specifications, the various components weave in and out through her steel forms, just missing small disasters of entanglement or collision. Kinetic sculpture requires effort to start the motion and keep it moving—we remember not only the exquisite balance of George Rickey’s art, but also its graceful movement in response to the gentlest of winds. In Lilly’s case, the works are smaller, so they lend themselves to being turned by hand. As time passes and momentum builds, they become capable of performing pirouettes and other beautiful rotations, with the individual elements coming together and opening up in precisely defined choreography, cleaving space as though the atmosphere were tangible... see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.