Anna von Gwinner, Betwixt and Between, 2012. View of video installation.

Anna von Gwinner

Charlotte, North Carolina

Projective Eye Gallery, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Berlin-based artist and architect Anna von Gwinner is probably best known for street-level video installations that entice passersby with hints of activity in inaccessible spaces. Among her recent projects are a Winnipeg building that appeared to be filling with water and bunnies doing what they do in the back of a Berlin van. But, in Charlotte, her work took a more subtly provocative turn. For two months this past winter, the Projective Eye Gallery at UNC Charlotte’s new Center City Campus was home to von Gwinner’s Betwixt and Between. In this work, which ran seven days a week from dusk to dawn, two black and white rear-projection videos of uncontrolled explosions appeared on screens that covered the gallery windows. …see the entire review in the print version of October’s Sculpture magazine.