Andrew Lyght, Flight Kite/Linear Dimensions, 1976. Air brush, acrylic mediums, and French inks on canvas, 84 in. diameter.

Andrew Lyght

New Paltz, New York

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, State University of New York

“Full Circle,” the recent retrospective of Guyana-born Andrew Lyght, featured five decades of sculptures, installations, drawings, paintings, and prints—categories that blur and overlap through his work. Lyght’s concerns are volume, surface, space, and light, as well as forms that can adapt to changing circumstances. His most recent wall works, for instance, are constructed from curved pieces of plywood, vellum, or paper, painted in solid fruity colors and pinned to underlying wooden crosspieces, an elegant and economical solution that allows the work to be freed from the plane. The surfaces are covered with freehand drawings inspired by archaic rock writings found in the interior of Guyana. These drawings— Lyght’s personal imprint—appear throughout his work, almost like a signature…see the entire review in the print version of September’s Sculpture magazine.