Amie McNeel, Mark Zirpel, and Sam Stubblefield, Portfolio of Possibilities (detail), 2016. Pendulum, inflation, kinetic elements, caliper with amplified string, propeller apparatus, and laser projection through mirrored glass, dimensions variable.

Amie McNeel, Mark Zirpel, and Sam Stubblefield



MadArt founder Allison Milliman wants to demystify the process of creating art by bringing it into the community. Artists, who are invited to imagine and create in a massive 4,000-square-foot space with 23-foot-high ceilings, work in full view of the street, visible through large sliding glass doors that encourage obsessed techies (this is the Amazon zone of Seattle) and other members of the public to observe or participate in the artistic process. Never has the MadArt mission been more fully realized than in Portfolio of Possibilities, a collaborative installation created by Amie McNeel, Mark Zirpel (both multimedia sculptors), and Sam Stubble­field (a technology architect). McNeel has a background in marine science, and Zirpel is fascinated by celestial science and astronomy…see the entire review in the print version of January/February’s Sculpture magazine.