Agnes R. Katz Plaza


Seventh Street and Penn Avenue

Louise Bourgeois, Daniel Urban Kiley, Peter Meyer, and Michael Graves, Agnes R. Katz Plaza, Pittsburgh, 1999.

Louise Bourgeois, in collaboration with landscape architect Daniel Urban Kiley, his assistant Peter Meyer, and architect Michael Graves, has transformed the Agnes R. Katz Plaza, a smallish public space in the city’s downtown “Cultural District.” This area of restaurants, galleries, several concert halls, and theaters includes another recent project by Graves, located near this provocative plaza, thus his inclusion as one of the collaborators. The Plaza’s new design centers on Bourgeois’s 32-ton, 25-foot bronze fountain, an irregular tower of layered curves, resembling a giant primitive plant or a solemn brooding temple. Three pairs of eye-shaped, black granite benches, disposed around the fountain, face the street… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

Detail of installation.