Colours and other site specifics, 2008. Found branches, paint, adhesive tape, and handmade paper confetti, detail of installation at the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas.

A Line to Space: Monika Grzymala

In New York, in 2010, Monika Grzymala installed Untitled (skeleton of a drawing) at one of the entrances to the Museum of Modern Art’s major survey exhibition “On Line: Drawing through the Twentieth Century.” Balancing precariously on a boom lift above the museum’s Marron Atrium, she assembled thin sticks of lightweight, polymer modeling compound (hand-prepared in her Berlin studio) into a trailing, osseous structure that appeared birthed from its white supporting wall. By extending an invitation to the Polish-German artist, exhibition curators Catherine de Zegher and Cornelia Butler confirmed Grzymala’s significant position in drawing’s expanded field. “The transformation and evolution of the drawn line into plane, movement, landscape, performance, dance, video, and sculptural objects” traced by “On Line” inform the work’s delicate gesture. For Grzymala, Untitled (skeleton of a drawing) materializes “the step the lines, or I, take into three dimensions, a drawing that becomes sculpture. My thoughts circled around the departure of the line from its flat, pictorial carrier into open space.” This passage from line to space has been her key concern for over a decade. …see the entire article in the print version of March’s Sculpture magazine.