53rd Carnegie International


Carnegie Museum of Art

Ernesto Neto, Navedenga, 1998. Stocking, styrofoam, and sand, approximately 12 x 15 x 21 ft..

Very seldom have the Venice Biennale and the Carnegie lnternational taken place in the same year. ln 1999 they did, and the result was a clear view of the state of global contemporary art as interpreted by conventional art institutions. The close resemblance between the two potently emphasized both a lack of curatorial inventiveness on the part of their organizers and the predictable nature of what is accepted today as vanguard art. The exhibitions shared a focus on everydayness, popular culture, transmuted reality, theoretical rationalization, and the art world’s cast of “knighted” players. Furthermore, each revealed a growing global style inspired by media technology… See the print version of Sculpture Magazine for the full review.

Sarah Sze, Second Means of Egress, 1998. Mixed media, dimensions variable.