Phyllida Barlow, TIP, 2013. Timber, steel, spray paint, paint, steel mesh, scrim, cement, fabric, and varnish, 700 x 1200 x 4000 cm. From Carnegie International.

2013 Carnegie International,


Carnegie Museum of Art

The 2013 Carnegie International (CI) was the 56th installment of an enduring exhibition responsible for putting the encyclopedic Carnegie Museum of Art on the art world stage. When Andrew Carnegie conceived the CI in 1896—to inform the Pittsburgh public about modern art and to advance international collaboration—it was the only show of its kind in the U.S. and second only to the grandfather of all biennials, the Venice Biennale (1895). But it has not been unique for a long time. Over the past three decades, the number of such recurrent exhibitions of contemporary art has mushroomed to more than 100, creating a global biennial culture…see the entire review in the print version of July/August’s Sculpture magazine.