Berta Fischer

until September 15, 2019

James Fuentes

Berlin-based artist Berta Fischer creates abstract sculptures using synthetic materials such as plastic and acrylic glass. Rupturing objects of color, light, and form, Fischer’s sculptures appear to have a life of their own and together transform a space into an almost ethereal setting.The fluorescent, translucent objects are at once majestic and simple and seem to possess an otherworldly radiance. The names of the sculptures, such as SokalUbix, and Andil, lend to their galactic nature.

Comparisons could be drawn to artists such as Naum Gabo and early John Chamberlain. Created with manufactured materials, the sculptures are organically shaped, a marriage of nature and artificiality. Characteristic of the artist’s practice, the sculptures have both soft and aggressive features, and can be interpreted as peaceful or ominous, depending on one’s point of view.

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